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So you're not quite sure if a full priced Subscription box is for you? Ok, then we have just the thing you are looking for.


For a short time only, we are offering a one-off non reoccurring taster box for just £12.99 plus £3.30 postage (UK


This amazing value taster box is the perfect introduction to our full size Subscription Box. 


We can also customise your box with up to 12 letters...


And when you do decide to Subscribe, email us at:


...and we'll send you a discount code for a cool 10% off your first full price subscription box.


Why not tell us when the Big Day is? Ok, not looking for an invite - HONESTLY! We'll aim to tailor the contents to you wedding planning journey :)

Bride to be Subscription Taster Box

SKU: GTIN: 5065015232018
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