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Hen Party Wear

At Blushing Bride Box we’ve got all the bride to be essentials on our website


And we’ve certainly not forgotten about all you hens! We know that the lead up to the wedding can be both exciting and stressful, so nothing helps you blow off some steam quite like throwing a hen party. If you’re the lucky person assigned to planning the hen party, we’ve got some fantastic hen party wear and essentials that will give you all an unforgettable night.


Something every hen needs to wear is a sash to let the world know of their upcoming nuptials, and our Hen Party - 2 Rose Gold Bridesmaid Sashes is a must-have. We also have Hen Party Funglasses which provide the perfect photo opportunity, not to mention our Photo Booth Props which will help you make everlasting memories.


If you’re looking to keep things more chilled, then our Hen Party Relaxation Time Robes are both beautiful and luxurious. A perfect gift to give the hen, she can use it to get ready for the hen party ahead or on the big day.


We also have some Stunning Rose Temporary Tattoos which you can all wear to match, as well as our fun Flip Your Fate - Hen Party Game which is a great way to get into the party mood!

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